Progressive Levels of Certification

Over 200,000 Strong… and Growing!

Certification is an aid in identifying the scope and level of a technician's competency. The exams identify if a person has mastered the subject area or needs additional training.

To aid a person throughout each stage of their career, HVAC Excellence offers different programs for students, experienced technicians and educators.

Heating, Electrical, Air Conditioning Technology (H.E.A.T.)

End of program high school assessment.

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Heating, Electrical, Air Conditioning Technology (H.E.A.T.) PLUS

H.E.A.T. exam plus, computer literacy, safety, related math, employability skills, work ethics & hands on performance test.

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Employment Ready Certifications

A series of discipline specific ongoing exams that validate employment ready skills.

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Specialty Certifications

These specialty exams covering maximizing energy efficiency, safety, sustainable concepts, and reducing warranty cost.

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Professional Level Certifications

A series of written challenging exams for experienced technicians with two years of documented field experience.

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Master Specialist Certifications

Requires a person to demonstrate their competency through hands on certifications.

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Certified Subject Matter Educator

Exams that validate an instructor has mastered the subject matter to teach the competencies of their curriculum.

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Comparative Analysis Reports

Proctors can log in to review candidate test results and access detailed statistical reports.

These reports help instructors pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in their instruction.

Additionally, these reports aid the program in documentation for Perkins compliance.

The top of the report provides information on how the class did on the exam. The bottom of the report shows how others did nationally on the same exam.

Comparative Analysis Report

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